About Us

Our Vision

Improved economic and social well-being in the United States and around the world.  

Our Mission

To help individuals and communities improve their economic and social well-being through the provision of actionable research and analysis powered by human learning and data science.

Our Story

Development Analytics LLC (DBA "Dev-Analytics") was established in 2012.  We were inspired after observing that although there were many actors working in international development and many tech companies in data science, few entities had the capability or commitment to apply both sets of expertise for social impact.  Our wish was to serve at this intersection, to harness ever new advances in computing power and data science to help solve complex economic and social development problems.       

Our analytical capabilities are complemented with almost 20 years of program, strategy, and policy experience in the field of international development.  Our team members have worked to promote economic and social well-being in countries around the world for international donors, non-government organizations, charities, and private-sector companies. Many members of our team have also worked in complex operating environments such as Afghanistan and Iraq.    

Dev-Analytics is proud to be a U.S.-based woman-owned small business.  We are certified with the Small Business Administration and registered on SAM.gov.  

To find out more about our company, please contact us.