Powering Change Through Human + Machine Intelligence

Research & Development

Research and development (R&D) is essential for enabling Dev-Analytics to deliver consistent high-quality client services.  We also value R&D for the contributions it helps us make to the broader field of knowledge.  Dev-Analytics is applying advances in data science and technology to our research on significant economic and social issues as well as in the development of new product solutions to help address these issues.  Below are our major R&D areas. 




Shifts in the global economy are being influenced by technological, economic, social, and political forces.  We examine the trends, underlying factors, and  strategies for successful adaptation.



Conflicts across the globe threaten the lives of millions, create mass migration crises, and reshape entire regions.  We analyze the geopolitical issues, human and social tolls, and reconstruction needs of conflict countries.

Education and Health


Despite technological advances, cost, quality, and access issues still affect health and education outcomes.  We examine the causes and implications of major education and health trends in the U.S. and other countries.

Climate Change


Climate change threatens entire populations and ways of life.  Although a global problem, local responses differ.  We look at the causes of extreme weather events, the economic and social implications, and innovative responses from industry, communities, and governments.



New energy-saving technologies are competing with older energy sources to power everything from homes to cars.  Dev-Analytics explores how these innovations are transforming the energy industry, economies, and everyday life for consumers.



Gender roles in society are relevant to development outcomes.  We explore how economic and social well-being can improve within evolving as well as long-standing gender norms and practices.