Powering Change Through Human + Machine Intelligence



Our service areas of research, data, technical expertise, strategy, knowledge sharing, and capacity building  enable us to support clients at different phases of their solution needs.  At the same time, the service areas are distinct enough so that they can be efficiently customized to meet more narrow client needs. 


Master new and complex issues with customized actionable research that is attune to client needs.


Answer "big-picture" or micro-level questions empirically through our range of data services.


Benefit from our subject matter expertise in economics, energy, and other technical areas.


Turn knowledge into action with the help of our expertise in strategy and policy development.

Knowledge Sharing

Share new research and data insights and effectively engage stakeholders with our support in knowledge sharing.

Capacity Building

Enhance your organization's technical or operational know-how with our assistance in capacity building.


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We can help your organization with customized research to assess current performance, understand emerging trends, or master new and complex issues. This begins with listening to client needs and objectives, devising a responsive research plan, utilizing the best in technical and field knowledge, and closely managing the process.  Dev-Analytics applied this approach when we assisted an organization with research on employment and income opportunities and challenges in a post-conflict setting.  

Illustrative research areas we can assist you with include: 

  • trends analysis
  • evaluation and assessments
  • sector or geographic studies
  • executive briefs


A hand drawing data images on a clear screen.

Advances in technology and methods in data science have made it possible to mine enormous amounts of data quickly for revolutionary discoveries and insights. We can employ these to help you answer "big picture" questions at the strategic level as well as micro-level questions to discover important details that affect your organization's operations and performance.  We have helped clients collect primary field data, analyze other source data, and create visualized data presentations.   

Our data services span the full cycle of:

  • data collection
  • data entry
  • data quality review
  • descriptive or predictive analytics
  • data visualization


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Technical competence is essential for successfully guiding research, programming, and strategy.  Technical expertise is also critical for credible thought leadership.  Benefit from our subject matter expertise and experience in a range of areas:

  • economics (U.S. and global)
  • agriculture
  • conflict/crisis 
  • health and education
  • energy
  • climate change
  • gender


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Innovative research and data analysis can introduce new ideas and thinking.  But how can you move effectively from good ideas to the envisioned change?  To turn knowledge into action, tap our international experience for help with policy or strategy development.  We can assist with:

  • risk analysis
  • stakeholder analysis
  • strategic frameworks
  • process mapping 
  • operational planning

Knowlege Sharing

A business meeting with a set of participants talking to the other set by video-conference.

Shared knowledge can be a force multiplier for change but how you communicate is just as important as what you communicate.  Whether you are sharing insights or soliciting new ideas, utilize our international public and private sector experience to help you engage effectively with your stakeholders.  Our knowledge sharing services can assist with:

  • customized communication products
  • strategic messaging 
  • partnership engagement
  • professional writing and editing
  • social media campaigns

Capacity Building

A woman drawing on a wall half filled with writing and drawings. on data

Our experience with governments, private sector, and non-profits have taught us that solutions are only sustainable if there is ownership and capacity.  For instance, we have helped international organizations improve their capacity by helping them understand the donor landscape, public-sector financing, and best practices in operational and financial governance. 

Acquire new analytical or technical know-how from our experts to improve your performance or gain a more competitive edge.  We can help your organization acquire and sustain new capacities in a range of operational (finance, project management, organizational leadership, etc.) and technical areas, delivered in a variety of modalities, including:

  • hands-on training
  • personalized coaching
  • seminars and workshops
  • blended in-class and online learning
  • customized training materials